Self Learning Programe

In the name of Allah the most beneficent
the merciful.

QTVtutor is pleased to announce a self learning program in which QTVtutor has designed an Interactive Qaida for students. Interactive Qaida helps student in learning Arabic for Quran reading and rules of tajweed in an interesting way. Interactive Qaida has been divided into two sections.

Section one
Section one is designed for theory learning purpose. In this section student will listen Audio Recording of the Lesson to learn Arabic pronunciation & will read basic rules of Tajweed on a professionally Designed software.

Section Two
This section is made for Practice. A number of exercises designed for this purpose, in which student will examine his knowledge about the related lesson.
After successful completion of every exercise student will get points which build his interest in learning & help him in opening the new lesson.This course is designed as the first step into learning Quran. After completion of this course student will be able to identify and pronounce Arabic Alphabets, basic rules, different symbols and connecting the letters. This course establish the basic ground for understanding and reading Quran correctly.
QTVtutor invites all the Muslims brethren throughout the globe to come at courses.qtvtutor.com and experience & enjoy our self learning program.

Team QTVtutor.

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