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About Qtutor

Leading online school, offering One on One Live and Self Learning Pre-Recorded courses to students over the globe . Students can take multiple courses anytime anywhere

Qtutor founded in 2012, which provides One on One Live class to students around the globe.
Our courses are designed to meet all age group needs, including Children, Adults, and Professionals. Our tutor’s panel consists of highly qualified, dedicated and skilled teachers. As a result our lessons are conducted in a very smooth, timely, and efficient manner that hence translates into ascending progress of our individual students.

Qtutor is equipped with a State of the Art facility with the following salient features:

  • High speed dedicated Internet bandwidth.
  • Standby Generator and UPS.
  • 24 hours Maintenance/Support/Backup.
  • 24 hours Security.
  • Dedicated IT department for prompt and effective support for students and teacher.



Why Choose Qtutor

  • 3 days free trial to decide if you want to continue with us. You will be charged after the Free Trial.
  • State of the Art Call Center, equipped with advance technology.
  • Our full time tutors who are highly skilled in their respective courses, are selected and trained by Qtutor Supervision
  • Class time are available 24/7 and can be chosen according to your time table.
  • Female teachers are available.
  • Fully interaction with the teacher using audio, video, and sharing of textbooks, Power Point , PDF documents and Flash books etc.
  • Use of the high quality Hardware and high bandwidth for crystal clear audio and HD camera broadcast.
  • 24 hours IT Maintenance and Support and Backup.
  • Availability of Standby Generator and UPS to provide you non-stop services as scheduled.
  • Learning through Interactive games and activities.

Our Vision

Qtutor is devoted to spreading light of knowledge. Our programs are designed with the young and mature learners in mind. We are not just a simple online school, we are committed to provide you complete online education.
we are dedicated to provide consistent, high-quality and appropriate religious advising, monitoring, mentoring, nurturing and coaching to ensure your success. We believe that with all of the support services available, every student should be able to learn from their comfort of home.

Mission and Objective

Qtutor mission is to provide best education, which is par excellence. We endeavor to provide high-quality and appropriate mentoring, nurturing and coaching in a consistent manner. We constantly invest resources in technology, tailor made syllabi, tutor training and professionally designed teaching method & processes, which ensures extraordinary growth of both our students and tutors. Our quest for advancement continues; we believe that with all of the support services and tools available, every student should be able to get quality tuition.
We believe student’s success depends on how well they take responsibility of their own education and it is up to them to take advantage of these services as soon as and as often as they need them.


Qtutor has emerged as one of the leading online institutes since its inception. Due to our exceptional teaching methodology and professionalism in the field of Education, we have launched many courses in a span of less than 5 years and developed different Academic, Religious, Language Courses. It ethos of sheer hard work and pursuit of advancement has resulted in exponential growth in terms of students. As result the institute now has a full-time faculty of more than 300 tutors with students who belong to different nationalities from more than 55 countries of different continents.

Our Team

Qtutor is devoted to nurturing of academic leaders. We have selected the best talent available; all of our tutors are experienced and majority of them have a minimum Bachelors degree in their respective subjects from prominent institution. Our programs are designed with young and mature learners in mind. In order to enhance learner experience and ensure quality we have different teams that work independently under departmental supervision of curriculum for children & adults, Quality Assurance, Interactive Teaching Tools, Assessment & Admissions, and Billing & Finance. We are not just a simple online school; we are committed to provide our students complete online educational system.

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