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Tuesday 2nd June 2015 / 15th Shaba’an 1436 Hijri

Dua – 2:15 AM to 3:15 AM (Pakistan Standard Time)

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  1. Muhammad Abdul-Rab says:


  2. danish says:

    Subhanallah !!

  3. Alina Bilal says:

    Is today the Shab-E-Bara’at Live Session?

  4. we request to remember us in dua specially for my husband long life and my sister marriage. our healthy and prosperous life

  5. sanjila sardar says:

    No volume

  6. zeeshan ali says:

    Mashallah Allah pak apni bargha me qabool manzoor frmai or isky sadky hmari bakhsish frmai

  7. sanjila sardar says:

    its good now JZK

  8. Alina Bilal says:

    Hello anyone there

  9. Parveen says:

    Dua request for Parveen and Mohammad Shafi and their children. Allah swt give health and happiness to them and success in the children’s marriages. amern

  10. kausar says:

    Please remember me and my family in your dua

  11. Mariam says:

    I humbly request to all the muslim ummah who reads my message to make dua for me that Allah Azawajal solves my problems, eases my heart at ease, and fulfills the desires that I have in my heart.
    Ameen Allah Huma Ameen

  12. Farheen says:

    Plz pray for me and my family in every aspect of life to be according to Sunnah

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