Urdu Language

    Urdu Language

    Qtutor.com is now offering its students the opportunity of learning Urdu reading, writing and speaking in an easy and effective way. Enjoy interactive classes of Urdu Language with native speaking Urdu teachers. Modern techniques have been used throughout the course. This course is comprised of the following subjects:

        I. Urdu Reading and Writing (10 Lessons).
        II. Conversations and Vocabulary
        III. Composition of Urdu Sentences.
        IV. Urdu Comprehension.
        V. Selected exercises of Verbs and Numbers.
        VI. Tenses; Present, Past and Future. Possessive and Interrogative.
        VII. Lists of Fruits, Vegetables, Food, Edible and Drinkable things; Spices, Lists of Colors, Animals, Birds, Insects, Parts of the Body.
        VIII.Family Relations.
        IX. Numbers from 0-100.
        X. Name of Months in Urdu.

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