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2-Monthly Tuition Level 2 (Grade 9-10 / Key stage 4 / O level)

Monthly Tuition Level 2

Our mathematics lessons, with customized lessons based on topics covered by the schools of each of the students in their classes. One on One class settings, patient and dedicated teachers, and customized tuition programmed help your child effectively review areas of weakness, coach for improvement, and aids in the clarification of concepts and doubts. Their time spent with Qtutor is maximized and utilized in the most efficient way.

Level Two is available for the following students

  • Years: 14-16
  • Grade 9-10
  • Keystage: 4
  • A level

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Fee per Hour £12$15€14AED 55
Fee per Hour £16$20€19AED 73
Fee per Hour £16$20€19AED 73
Fee per Hour £16$20€19AED73
Fee per Hour £16$20€19AED73
Fee per Hour £16$20€19AED73
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